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8150 Cryogenic Tank Car, Air Products, Single Car, N

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High Capacity Railroad Tank Cars for Cryogenic Fluids, or Cryogenic Tank Cars for short, are used for the transportation of super-cold fluids such as liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon. These tank cars solved the problem of maintaining extremely low temperatures while transporting large quantities of these materials over long distances.

Curious as to how cold these cars could keep liquid oxygen? How about -297 degrees F. Liquid nitrogen kept at -320 F. And liquid argon at -302 degrees F. Now, thats cold!

These high capacity tank cars could transport more than 15,000 gallons of liquid oxygen--which is about double what any of its predecessors could do.   If you've got cold liquid gas hauling to do on your railroad, these are the cars for you. See below for model features.

Model Features:

  • Model accurately scaled from prototype blueprints

  • Prototypically accurate paint and colors

  • Fine printing accurately reproduces builders' stencils, test data, and other minor lettering

  • Two roof walkway options

  • Two truck options - friction bearing and roller bearing

  • Many Separately Applied Details including hand rails, grab irons, ladders, brake housing, brake wheel, and many more!

  • Metal wheelsets feature prototypical wheel face contours

  • Factory-equipped with Microtrains-compatible operating knuckle couplers

  • Will operate on code 55, code 70 and code 80 rail

  • Minimum Operating Radius: 9.75 in

  • 2-packs contain two uniquely numbered cars

High Capacity Cryogenic Tank Car, N (Run 3 - Fall 2023) Car #1 Car #2 Trucks Era
8140 Cryogenic Tank Car, Airco, 2-Pack, N 80029 80032 RB 1980s
8141 Cryogenic Tank Car, Air Products, 2-Pack, N 80049 80064 RB 1960s
8142 Cryogenic Tank Car, Air Reduction, 2-Pack, N 80044 80066 RB 1960s
8143 Cryogenic Tank Car, Big 3, 2-Pack, N BIGX 1007 BIGX 1009 RB 1980s
8144 Cryogenic Tank Car, Canadian Liquid Air, 2-Pack, N 80021 80025 Friction 1960s
8145 Cryogenic Tank Car, Linde Type A, 2-Pack, N 80010 80011 RB 1980s
8146 Cryogenic Tank Car, Linde Type C, 2-Pack, N 80028 80061 RB 1980s
8147 Cryogenic Tank Car, UTLX White, 2-Pack, N 80058 80070 RB 1990s
8148 Cryogenic Tank Car, UTLX Black, 2-Pack, N 80047 80052 RB 1990s
8149 Cryogenic Tank Car, Airco, Single Car, N 80027 - RB 1980s
8150 Cryogenic Tank Car, Air Products, Single Car, N 80053 - RB