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MAP Policy


Broadway Limited Imports recognizes that retailers invest significant time and resources in curating an attractive product lineup, serving as a source of industry knowledge, and providing support for the products they sell. To further support retailers’ efforts, Broadway Limited Imports has established a Policy that will ensure products are properly positioned in all types of advertising in order to protect innovation, quality, and brand value. Authorized Broadway Limited Imports retailers will remain free to sell products at any price. Effective immediately, Broadway Limited Imports unilaterally establishes this Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP") Policy ("Policy").

Effective March 22, 2021, Broadway Limited Imports will begin specifying MAP for select Broadway Limited Imports products.

This Policy applies to all global Broadway Limited Imports retailers, except where prohibited by law. The Policy applies to all advertisements, which includes published information and communications that reference products with a MAP.

Published information is any print, radio, television, electronic, signage, flyer, facsimile, text or other media made available for a commercial purpose. Communication includes email, web pages (both public and those for registered users), newsletters, auction sites, social media, online and print catalogs, and any other communication accessible by a web browser. The MAP is in U.S. Dollars only and all monetary values shall be the equivalent, or greater, in the current foreign currency exchange rate in place, per on the date of order.

When Broadway Limited Imports issues a product announcement for new products, Broadway Limited Imports, at its choosing, may specify a MAP for certain products within that announcement. MAPs will generally be specified for all Paragon4 products, but also for select other products.

MAP will be set at 80% except for Brass-Hybrid products at 85% of the suggested retail price and will be in effect from the time of the announcement through 90 days beyond the first ship date of the product to retailers and consumers.

The selection of products with specified MAPs, the ratio of MAP to suggested retail price, and the

duration of the MAP will be solely at Broadway Limited Imports’ discretion and subject to change at any time. Items that were announced prior to the date of this notice do not have a MAP.

MAPs will be displayed on the announcements.

All Broadway Limited Imports retailers must adhere to the guidelines as outlined below:

Retailer Guidelines

1. Advertisements must not state or imply the availability of any MAP Broadway Limited Imports Product below MAP.

2. Advertisement of coupons, rebates, gift cards, promotions or other discounts must not lower the advertised price of any MAP Broadway Limited Imports Product below MAP.

3. On-line advertisements of MAP Broadway Limited Imports Products must not offer hidden in-the-cart prices or other offers that advertise a price below MAP.

4. Bundles of products that contain MAP Broadway Limited Imports Products must not be advertised lower than the combined MAP of all Broadway Limited Imports Products.

5. No efforts may be made to circumvent, evade or violate the letter or spirit of this Policy.

Failure to Comply

Failure to follow this Policy may result in suspension of or termination of your account without notice.

Policy Violation Examples

The following are examples of non-compliant conduct:

1. Broadway Limited Imports Product advertisements, other than those authorized by Broadway Limited Imports, stating a price lower than the MAP.

2. Broadway Limited Imports Product advertisements of a price with a line through it, strike-through, or other indication of a price lower than the MAP. (e.g., $499.99)

3. Broadway Limited Imports Product advertisements stating "Call for price", "Click here for better price", "Prices too low to mention", "Our manufacturer won’t let us tell you the price", "Make an offer", "Log in to see lower prices", or other language or symbols implicitly violating the spirit of MAP.

4. Bundles of products that devalue Broadway Limited Imports Products, to be determined at the discretion of Broadway Limited Imports.