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7668 6000 Gallon Tank, Late 1950's Variety 2-pack C, HO (UTLX, Penn Salt)

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Considered one of the most common early tank car designs, American Car & Foundry (ACF) Type 27 tank cars were built from the late 1920s through the 1940s. These specialized cars were almost always privately owned for revenue service because railroads only used and maintained a few for non-revenue activities like fuel.

We are pleased to deliver the Type 27 tank car which is the slightly elongated younger sibling of the Type 21 tank car. These insulated high pressure cars were used often in the transport of the home heating fuels propane and butane as well as anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, and methyl chloride. We are modeling the 6000 gallon car that often hauled liquid chlorine.

These meticulously appointed single chamber tank cars are offered in 2-pack sets. See below for more model features.

Model Features:

  • Model accurately scaled from prototype blueprints

  • Prototypically accurate paint, color, and lettering

  • Two distinct body types

  • Separate brake line and brake hoses

  • Separately applied handrails, ladders, roof walkway, and various other details

  • Metal wheelsets feature prototypical wheel face contours

  • Factory equipped with metal Kadee-compatible knuckle couplers

  • 2-packs contain two uniquely numbered cars

  • Fine printing accurately reproduces builders' stencils, trust lettering, repack data, and other minor lettering

  • Brake test stencil data printed on brake reservoir where appropriate

  • Reporting marks on center sill where appropriate


6000 Gallon Chlorine Tank Car, HO Scale Car #1 Car #2
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7662 - 1940's Variety 2-pack C, HO (Hooker, Niagara Smelting) HOKX 626 NSX 1000
7663 - Early 1950's Variety 2-pack A, HO (Niagara Alkali Westvaco) NACX 315 SHPX 3372
7664 - Early 1950's Variety 2-pack B, HO (Southern Alkali, Wyandotte) SACX 627 SHPX 3603
7665 - Early 1950's Variety 2-pack C, HO (Penn Salt, Solvay Process) TELX 219 SPX 8208
7666 - Late 1950's Variety 2-pack A, HO (Ethyl Corp, Wyandotte) EBAX 6063 SHPX 1336
7667 - Late 1950's Variety 2-pack B, HO (Columbia Southern, Hooker) SACX 689 HOKX 638
7668 - Late 1950's Variety 2-pack C, HO (UTLX, Penn Salt) UTLX 81136 TELX 233
7669 - 1960's Variety 2-pack A, HO (Ethyl Corp, Wyandotte) EBAX 6032 SHPX 1342
7670 - 1960's Variety 2-pack B, HO (Columbia Southern, Stauffer Chemical) SACX 665 SHPX 3605
7671 - 1960's Variety 2-pack C, HO (Dow Chemical , Virginia Chemical) GWEX 627 VCSX 117
7672 - Canadian Industries, 2-pack, HO CILX 126 CILX 128
7673 - Dow Chemical, 2-pack, HO GWEX 625 GWEX 629
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7675 - Hooker, 2-pack, As-Delivered Scheme, HO HOKX 627 HOKX 629
7676 - Hooker, 2-pack, Billboard Scheme, HO HOKX 639 HOKX 643
7677 - UTLX, 2-pack, HO UTLX 81140 UTLX 81145
7678 - Wyandotte, 2-pack, HO SHPX 1338 SHPX 1343
7679 - Christmas Paint Scheme, 2-pack, HO - -