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Article: NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Union Pacific 119 "Kenefick", HO Scale

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Union Pacific 119 "Kenefick", HO Scale

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Union Pacific 119 "Kenefick", HO Scale

     Broadway Limited proudly announces the arrival of Union Pacific Car 119, "Kenefick," to HO scale railroads in the Spring of 2025. This exquisite addition to your Union Pacific business train or steam excursion has traversed the Union Pacific system as part of its heritage fleet since 1966, officially taking its name in 1988 after the railroad's former President. We are faithfully modeling Car 119 in its modern-day appearance in HO scale, offering customers 5 different versions to choose from.
     Each car boasts a lighted interior, marker lights, tail lights, and individually controllable ditch lights. Specific details tailored to each car include antenna arrangement, appropriate trucks and underbody details, and other roof features.
Union Pacific Car 119 "Kenefick" will be available to customers in the Spring of 2025, with an order deadline set for October 17th, 2024.
     Currently, we only have these renders available, but official artwork will be accessible on Tuesday for you to view each unique car.
     Union Pacific maintains a fleet of historic passenger cars utilized for public excursion trains and to transport railroad officials across its vast 32,000-mile system. Amongst the array of dome cars, dining cars, power cars, and crew sleepers, it's the observation cars at the rear of the train that hold particular significance.

     Five of these cars stand out as lightweight observation cars, numbered 101, 102, 103, 114, and 119. Union Pacific's commitment to preserving its historical equipment and honoring its past sets it apart from other railroads in the country. While the fleet's origins trace back to 1912, most of the passenger cars are nearly half a century old, some even dating back to the zenith of passenger train travel. Each car encapsulates a unique chapter of Union Pacific's rich history.

     The Kenefick, originally constructed by Pullman in 1950 as coach No. 5446, underwent transformation into business car No. 99 in 1963. It officially received the name Kenefick in 1988 and has been a notable presence in various excursion consists. In 2021, it adorned the rear of Big Boy 4014's tour across the UP system and played a poignant role in President George H.W. Bush's Funeral Train.

     For our inaugural production run, we offer Car #119 in five distinct versions. One features the UP shield on the rear, as depicted in the renders. Three variants boast a lighted drumhead showcasing the artwork of the "Big Boy Tour," "George Bush Funeral Train," and "Spirit of the Union Pacific." The final version available is the generic primer Gray with black trucks, allowing modelers the freedom to customize them to suit their individual railroad themes.


hi can you tell me which Broadway no kenefick wagon from the 60’s will get so I can pre-order the one I want

Ivan Andersen

Are you gonna make the one with a glass shield in the back?


Art Lockman and Howard Fogg for me.

James Mandrell Watson

Amazing model!! But when do you think these will be available to ship and will you ship outside the USA?


I pre-ordered some cars and I have a suggestion. Is it possible to do a run of UPP #119 Kenefick with more lighted drumheads: SP, DRGW, CNW, Mopac, WP, Katy and Alton & Southern and versions of the car painted in those seven paint schemes. Another suggestion would be is it possible to do a lighted drumhead version of this business car in silver for TTX.

Willie Allen

Love it, looking forward to the new cars!


Love to See the Queen Mary car of the Pennsylvania Railroad too.


Love The Idea of doing Business cars. I love to see more corporate business cars as well as private varnish cars of APRCO group. Business car travel fare beyond the limits of home rails pulled by every kind of power from vintage to prototype new models.
Can be seen in groups with other railroad business cars.
Business and private varnish is so over looked.
Even big customers of the railroads had Business cars.
Love to see the Business fleet of C&NW , Soo Line & Milwaukee road. Had some beautiful varnish.


Please a “Power Car” immediately — preferably one of the RBBB converts. Also, the newer “Deluxe” Union Pacific Sleepers…

Michael Baldini

Thank you for offering the 119 Kenefick, I’ll be ordering through my local dealer in the near future.
Please consider making the various powered exhaust vents and antennas available as separate detail parts. That would be a help to modelers detailing various other heritage cars and the only current option for those parts is scratch building. Thanks.


When will the individual part numbers be avaiable to distinguish the versions of this car?

George Mirick

Hello, Thanks for offering this item. I will be pre-ordering. Here’s hoping these move well.

It surely fills a gap for us Union Pacific modelers. I can only imagine what a gamble this is with the limited interest (one road name) that it represents.

Eric Baxter

I want the Kenefick (Not the one with the drumhead) and UP #107. Please reserve them for me.

Barry Klinetobe

When will the cheyenne car come?


FINALLY!!!!! someone has made the Kenefick! now please tell me that you guys are going to do the 2066 power car as well!!!!!!!

Dan Pickle

which wagon is from 1960

Ivan andersen

Will you be doing the theater car as well?

Daniel King

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