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Article: The Broadway Flyer: April 2024

The Broadway Flyer: April 2024

The Broadway Flyer: April 2024

     April has come and gone! So hard to believe that it's come and gone. Similar to last month's Flyer, we have a LOT to get to in this month's Flyer. We go over our new product announcement from the Rocky Mountain Train Show,  share some new renders of new projects, and answer your questions. We'll keep this short as there is a lot to get to in this month's Flyer. So let's dive into it! 



     We started off this month with another new HO scale product announcement. That being Union Pacific Business Car #119 "Kenefick". 

     These cars are going to be the perfect addition to your Union Pacific OCS/Business train or steam excursion. The car was built in 1950 as coach No. 5446. It was rebuilt to business car no. 99 in 1963, and officially named the Kenefick in 1988.

     Among the many miles car 119 has traveled, there have been several special occasions it has been apart of. Two of the most notable trips 119 took were when Big Boy 4014 traversed the country in 2019 and bringing up the rear of President George H.W. Bush's funeral train.

     In our first production run of Union Pacific #119, we are modeling car 119 in its modern-day appearance in HO scale, offering 5 different versions to choose from. Each car boasts a lighted interior, marker lights, tail lights, and individually controllable ditch lights. Specific details tailored to each car include antenna arrangement, appropriate trucks and underbody details, and other roof features.

     Union Pacific Car 119 "Kenefick" will be available to customers in the Spring of 2025, with an order deadline set for October 17th, 2024.
     To learn more about these cars we are offering, Curtis Koch spoke with Tony Cook at length. Click the video below to watch it! 


     Our latest wave of products have been making their way around social media and on YouTube. Here are a few notable videos of some recent items that have hit the shelves of your dealers. A big thanks to the folks over at The Steam Channel for making these reviews! 

      Besides the Kenefick cars, we also have several other cars coming out. Ken Patterson from What's Neat This Week in Model Railroading and his crew got a chance to react to some of our renders, in addition to talk about the history of these cars. 

     Finally, Curtis Koch sat with Eduardo from just4fun Trains and Martin
Union Pacific Snowy Valleys Division about the Conductor's Club, and future projects in both HO and N scale. 


      We have several different renderings to show off this month! Both are in HO scale. Some of you have seen these Berkshire renders on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please keep in mind that these are renderings and not the final model. There are still some details subject to change between now and when the model arrives. 

     Next up we have a few renders of our diecast metal EMD SD70ACe locomotives in a variety of paint schemes. 


     Good news for Conductor's Club Members! Our Product Suggestion Portal is now LIVE! You can login and suggest your locomotive or rolling stock ideas for us to make, the best part of this is we will have hardcore data to know what you, our amazing customers, want us to make in HO or N scale. So if you have ideas, leave them with us. 

     We are also down to the final month of collecting orders from members on their exclusive locomotives. Some of you have been asking about Stealth and where we are in terms of reaching the minimum order number required to make Stealth. So far, we are a little under halfway towards the minimum purchase order required. So if you've been holding off on placing your order, now is the time to do so!  All locomotives must be pre-ordered here by May 30, 2024.  We will have an update in a couple of weeks in regards of cancelling Stealth orders.

     If you choose to purchase the Paragon4 or Stealth locomotives, you will be charged $100 plus shipping now, and will be invoiced for the balance and sales tax prior to shipping.   Shipping is scheduled for December 2024. Our Stealth HO Challenger is $249.99 and our N scale Stealth Big Boy is $199.99. There is no limit to how many you can order! So if you want to order one for yourself and one for a friend, you can do that! Click here to place your order today! 


     As of right now this is the current status, of projects through the end of this year and into the spring of 2025. You can always find the latest changes in our delivery date and status on our website, here.



     Thanks as always for your questions! We try to answer as many as we can during these. 


Q: "Are you ever going to do a hybrid B&O Big Six?" - Dan on Facebook

A: It's on our list! We don't have it in the design que yet. We have the next 1-2 years of models planned out but we could begin that around 2026-2027.

Q: "Will we ever get the T&P 610 in N scale?" - Aaron on Facebook

A: Similar to the above question from Dan, it's on our list but we don't have it in design que. Currently we have the Santa Fe 3751 Northerns, Union Pacific FEF-3 Northerns, Southern Pacific Cab Forward AC4/AC5, C&O T1, PRR J1, and PRR H10. 

Q: "Any plans for more L&N content?" - Cameron on Facebook

A: There are some ideas for L&N we have on our radar. The Big Emma's are on our list for steam locomotives and for diesels we have some ideas for future locomotives and paint schemes. 

Q: "Is there a chance we see a C&EI fantasy version of the CNW Yellow Jacket, since there was only one C&EI steam streamliner and it would be hard to justify its own run?" - Tom on Facebook

A: It's certainly possible! We don't have the paint schemes narrowed down yet on those as we are still working on the designs to ensure their accuracy. Once the designs are complete then we will discuss the different versions. 

Q: "I have noticed on the HO side a lot of new brass hybrid offerings versus plastic or diecast. Is this due to the earlier Paragon 4 offerings being mostly diecast or plastic? What justifies a model being done in the more expensive brass hybrid versus plastic or diecast?" - Zackery on Facebook 

A: There are several factors when it comes to deciding to do diecast, Brass-Hybrid or plastic. The main one comes to cost. We have drifted away from plastic due to the fact that diecast and brass models perform better in terms of tractive effort. Customers tell us all the time how impressed they are with pulling power and that they can run a prototypical train with one or two steam locomotives. The second factor that is most common is how much details are on the locomotive. Sometimes locomotives that have more details such as the SP&S and NP northerns are cheaper to make in brass than in diecast. 

Q: "Will there be Stealth versions of the GS-4?" - Patrick on Facebook

A: We plan on announcing a second run of the GS-4's sometime this year in both Paragon4 and Stealth. These will include some new road numbers and paint schemes. 

Q: "Do you plan on releasing any more large articulated steam locomotives in the future and if so, can you tell us which ones?" - Dan on Facebook

A: We do have some articulated locomotives on our radar. Right now we are collecting data on the SP AC-9, and the AC11/12 Cab Forwards. No timeframe for any announcement on them as we have other projects ahead of it.

Q: "Do you plan to releasing steam engines that were restored for excursion service but haven’t been operational for a while? Such as Cotton Belt 819, Frisco 1522, Savannah and Atlanta 750, etc?" - Tony on Facebook

A: Of those 3 you mentioned, the Frisco 1522 would most likely come first due to the amount of requests we've received on it. No timeframe for any announcement on them as we have other projects ahead of it.

Q: "When will we see a CB&Q O-5? Would make a great brass hybrid!" - Dave on Facebook

A: We've gotten a lot of requests recently for the CB&Q O-5. It was the most requested locomotive at the Rocky Mountain Train Show. It's on our radar but no timeframe due to the fact we haven't collected any data on it yet. 

Q: "What are the chances of seeing the modern BNSF OCS cars?" - Josh on Facebook

A: It's certainly possible! If the UP cars sell well that opens up the door of possibilities for CSX, NS, BNSF, CPKC, CN etc. The first car type for those other railroads would most likely be the theater cars.

Q: "Will the drum heads be removable on the Union Pacific business cars? Also when will the other 4 business cars be able to be pre ordered?" - Harry on Facebook

A: The drumheads will not be removable on the Union Pacific business cars and that is because of the fact that they are lighted. If we were to make them interchangeable, we would have to remove the lighting feature. Many customers when having asked us this have stated they would rather have the mounted drumhead lighted then having the interchangeable ones. 

Q: "With the GS4s out not and the Santa Fe 2900 coming soon, Since you have the tenders tooled are you gonna do the SP GS6 and the Santa Fe 5011 series?" - Isaiah on Facebook
A: It's certainly possible! We are not there yet in deciding whether or not to make those as we have a lot of other projects in the works at this time. 
Q: "I know you guys are releasing the late UP challengers in n scale, but is there a chance you will be releasing the early UP challengers in the future?" - _andrew_czar_ on Instagram
A: At this time we don't have plans for it in N scale. We have a lot of other N scale steamers in the works right now. 
Q: "I’m so excited for the new N Scale steam engines y’all have in store for us, what is the timeframe goals looking like for the AC4/5s and 2-10-4s?" - jessethetravelingmusician on Instagram
A: There is no definitive timeframe at the moment as we are still gathering data packages for the models. We hope to in the near future have a timeline for the next few models in N scale to announce. 
Q: "If the PRR B6sb runs/sells well… would BLI consider doing other 0-6-0 engines? Maybe also consider using the E6 chassis as a base to build other railroads Atlantics?" - toxicaustin146 on Instagram
A: Yes if the B6sb sells well, we will definitely look into offering other types of 0-6-0 locomotives. We know a lot of requests for UP or SP types with Vanderbilt tenders.
Q: "Will there be different variants of the 3751s coming up in N scale? Possibly the coal and oil burning versions?" - jaelon108 on Instagram
A: We are only designing the oil burning version of the 3751's. Tooling costs are too expensive to do multiple types of those locomotives. It could be a possibility in the future but given the lower numbers of N scale sales in the market, it's best for us to start with this version of the ATSF Northerns. 
Q: "Hi! Could we see at some point soon the DMiR M-3 and M-4 class of 2-8-8-4 yellowstones in ho scale?" - the_is6 on Instagram
A: We might look into them at some point look if we get more requests for them. That's why it's important to leave your product suggestions with us! 
Q: "What are the chances in the distant future of seeing a model of the ATSF 2-6-6-2 1170 Class? Since as far as I know it’s never been done in HO?" - gavinrramirez on Instagram
A: At this point in time, not very likely as we have a lot of other models we want to get done ahead of time. It could be a model we choose to make down the road in 4-5 maybe 6 years from now? It's too early to give a definite timeline. 

Thank you for the fantastic questions! We're grateful for your ongoing support. Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and we take pride in creating trains that you enjoy. Until next time, happy railroading!
-The BLI Team


can you plz bring back the 4 8 8 2 cab forward in all the paint

Nickole Volk

Any plans for Pennsy N scale steam that smokes? Also wondering if N scale centipede rerelease is a possibility.

Walt Didget

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