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Article: The Broadway Flyer: March 2024

The Broadway Flyer: March 2024

The Broadway Flyer: March 2024

     Hey everyone! We hope March has been treating you well and you all had a great St. Patrick's Day. March has been a busy month for us and we have many new products that have either been announced or are on the horizon to be announced! We have a lot to get to including our announcement of our first Conductor's Club locomotives, and of course your many questions. So without further delay, let's get started! 


New Product Announcements: 

     We had several new product announcements this month! All are HO scale projects. Our second run of EMD GP30's and GP35's, the PRR B6sb 0-6-0 switcher, and finally heavyweight combines and observation cars. N scale projects will be announced very soon!



     And in case you missed earlier this year, we announced the Pennsylvania Railroad Business Cars and the PB70 Combines. These cars are all newly tooled, with input given from the PRRT&HS. These cars will be incredibly detailed and feature controllable lighting. We also have a 5 car set offering for those of you looking to add a full train to your layout. A lot of you Pennsy guys have been asking about offering more modern versions of the cars, so far we have not decided on making a second run yet. If the sales numbers are there on this first run to justify making a second run, we'll be open to it! 


What's new at BLI?

     This past month we have been modifying a lot of designs for both HO and N scale, and we will get to those in just a bit. However we are excited to announce that our first members only exclusive locomotives in HO scale is the Union Pacific Late Challenger, 3985 and 3977 will be the two road numbers offered. 

     These HO scale Challengers will arrive in both Paragon4 Sound/DCC at $349.99 and Stealth DCC-Ready models will come at $249.99. These prices are for members only, so if you haven't signed up to be a Conductor's Club member, sign up today! It is important to share that our factory has given us a limited number of Stealth Challengers to make. If we do not reach the minimum amount of orders needed for Stealth we will have to cancel the Stealth Challengers for members. 


If you have signed up and wish to purchase an HO scale Challenger, click here. 

     For you N scalers, the Big Boy is returning! However this time with a few distinct differences. You'll notice we are offering the famous 4014 again. This time we have included the chalk mark "Big Boy" on the front, already installed. We are also offering Big Boy 4019 with smoke deflectors. This locomotive had smoke deflectors for a short period of time when the Union Pacific decided to test them on a Big Boy during the winter of 1944 and 1945. 

     N Scale Big Boys in Paragon4 Sound/DCC will arrive at a members only price of $299.99 with Stealth DCC-Ready arriving at $199.99. As we mentioned with the challengers, it is important to share that our factory has given us a limited number of Stealth Big Boys to make. If we do not reach the minimum amount of orders needed for Stealth we will have to cancel the Stealth Big Boys for members. 


If you place your order for a Challenger or Big Boy, we are also including with your purchase a Rolling Thunder receiver FOR FREE! 

         We've got a lot of great feedback from N scalers showing off their new Reading T1's. In his latest review, Jimmy from the DIY and Digital Railroad shows off his Reading T1. There are still some models left at select dealers, so if this has been on your wish list, hurry and order yours now before we sell out!

         Now onto things we are working on! If you've been reading this newsletter in the past, you know we've teased some exciting stuff! We have been actively working on more N scale steam and diesels. Currently we have the following locomotive types in design. We don't have a timeline for an announcement just yet as we are still working on reviewing the designs, getting tooling costs, estimates, finalizing details and more. The two designs that are the closest to complete are the Santa Fe 3751 northerns and Union Pacific FEF-3 northerns.  

    • Santa Fe 3751 Northerns
    • Union Pacific FEF-3 Northerns
    • Southern Pacific Cab Forward AC4/AC5
    • Baldwin RF-16 Sharknose
    • EMD GP30
    • EMD GP35
    • C&O T1
    • PRR J1
    • PRR H10

         Now up for you HO Scalers! We are also working on a lot of great locomotives and rolling stock. Here are a list of some projects we are actively working on. We don't have a timeline to announce these just yet, as we are collaborating with their railroads respective historical society to ensure that these projects are accurate to the prototype. 

    • CNW Yellow Jacket (Brass-Hybrid)
    • ATSF 2900 Class Northern (Brass-Hybrid)
    • ATSF Hudsons 3461-3465 (Brass-Hybrid)
    • ATSF 2-10-10-2 (Brass-Hyrbid)
    • PRR S1
    • Union Pacific Bull Moose (Brass-Hybrid)
    • Union Pacific Business Cars


         We do have an update on the UP Business Cars that we can share with you. Tooling costs on all of the cars are too high to do all 5 at once. So we have decided to release them in separately to help spread some of the tooling costs. We will have an official announcement on these cars VERY soon! 


    Samples and Renderings:

          We have several different renderings to show off today! Let's start off with the N scalers, as we know many of you have been asking for the Santa Fe 3751. Below are some screenshots of the progress of the designs. Please note these are still being tweaked so the details are subject to change. 

         Next up we have the HO Scale CNW Yellow Jacket, this will be a Brass-Hybrid locomotive. Just like the 3751, these are not final designs as we are still making adjustments for accuracy. 


    Delivery Schedule: 

         As of right now this is the current status, of projects through the end of this year. You can always find the latest changes in our delivery date and status on our website, here.


    Customer Q&A: 

         We received a lot of good questions this month on our Facebook and Instagram pages. So let's answer some more this month! 


    Q: "Are there plans to release your backlog of locomotives (like the USRA Mikados or Pacifics) in the new Stealth line, or will just be new models going forward?" - Nick on Facebook

    A:  At this time we are committed to offering Stealth models of new projects to customers. Before we start offering them in older projects such as the Mikados or Pacifics, we need to see our Stealth sales increase in current offerings to show that there is a large portion of our customer base that want them. 

    Q: "Are the 2-8-4 Berkshire type locomotives of the Nickel Plate Road, Pere Marquette, and Chesapeake and Ohio Railroads on your radar?" - Tony on Facebook

    A: Absolutely! We definitely have them on our radar. We are actually in the VERY early stages of the design process. We are currently gathering materials and resources for our data package including assistance from the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society. 

    Q: "When will the first sample of the HO shay in diecast come?" - Kyle on Facebook

    A: As of right now we still have the 3D printed plastic sample making it's rounds at shows. We hope that in the next few months we will get a diecast sample to show. Right now we are adjusting the designs to allow the model to navigate 18 inch radius curves. So as soon as those adjustments are done, we should get a new sample in shortly after. 

    Q: "Are there still future HO steam locomotive releases like CB&Q, C&NW and Illinois Central on your radar?" - Sam on Facebook

    A: Yes! Besides the CNW Yellow Jacket we have several CB&Q and IC locomotives on our radar. No timetable for an announcement just yet as we first need to get as much reference material as possible. 

    Q: "Would you ever consider releasing a 19th century steam locomotive? There is a large, mostly un-tapped market for them, with even some of the toy quality stuff from the 60s-70s selling for good prices due to the demand. The recent release of another manufacturers 4-4-0s are already nearly sold out, and there are large (+20,000) communities on Facebook alone dedicated just to that era." - Matt on Facebook

    A: It's certainly an idea we've tossed around, but no plans at the moment. We want to see how smaller steam sells first before we expand into the earlier steam locomotive types. 

    Q: "Would you please consider making a Southern Railway Ps-4 pacific? They came in four basic orders and I think a hybrid model would be the perfect opportunity for such a release." - Evan on Facebook

    A: The PS-4's are on our list of locomotives we'd like to make in the future! Right now we are focused on the models we mentioned earlier but we would like to include the PS-4's into the design que in the next year or two. 

    Q: "Still waiting on any information updates on the UP business cars and when we may see a pre-production sample. Also, what would be the first OCS/BUSINESS TRAIN cars? The head end Power Car and others would be a great start as well as a few of the Dome Lounge or Dome Coach versions. You guys have just got to do them! Thx in adv." - Rick on Facebook

    A: As we mentioned above, the designs for the cars are finished. However with tooling costs as high as they are, we cannot offer all 5 cars at once. So to help spread the costs out, we are going to release 1 or 2 cars at a time. Besides assisting in spreading out the tooling costs, it also allows us to keep the price at the cars at a more manageable cost for customers. As for what would be the first business train cars, you will hear an announcement for those very soon! Assuming that these cars sell well, then we will look into other cars such as the HEP Cars, Tool Cars, and other types of business cars. 

    Q: "Are there any plans in the works for new cab forwards or a new run of Santa Fe Northerns? Also hoping for more PRR K4’s. Thanks in advance!" - socal_scale_railroad on Instagram

    A: We are working on Santa Fe 3751 in N Scale and in HO Scale we are working on the Santa Fe 2900 class. The 3751 class is further along in development than the 2900's at the moment. As for the Cab Forwards, as we mentioned above AC4/AC5 Cab Forwards are being designed for N scale. As for HO scale, no plans for any in design at this point in time but we do have the AC11's and AC12's listed as models we want to make. 

    Q: "Will there be different Union Pacific Excursion Train Sets of the new UP coaches you are developing?" - atomic_nik on Instagram

    A: We aren't making any excursion train sets, but we are considering offering the 5 different business cars a 5 car set. If we are going to make more UP passenger cars, they would be ones that would fit into an excursion consist. 

     Q: "How well are the stealth series models selling?" - brubacherg on Instagram

    A: Stealth models are selling below what we had hoped when we announced it. If we saw higher, more consistent orders for Stealth come in, we would be willing to offer road numbers and expand the number of Stealth models in production. We are still committed to offering Stealth models, however until we see more orders come in, we cannot commit to expand the stealth offerings. 

    Q: "Would all ever consider producing GM Aerotrain, Burlington Zephyr, or the New Haven comet in HO? Also would BLI ever consider doing the Reading Crusader and passenger cars? They could be brass hybrid, both locomotive and passenger cars." - upsteamer on Instagram

    A: We haven't considered it in the past, but we'd be open to it in the future. Doing a full trainset such as the Daylight or California Zephyr cars are unfortunately not in play for us as tooling costs are simply too high for us to make those cars. We'd be more willing to do the locomotive before a full trainset of locomotive and cars.  


       Wow! Thank you all for the amazing questions! We hope you guys had a great month. Ken Silvestri and Curtis Koch will see you at the Rocky Mountain Train Show in April, so please stop by and say hi. Remember to place those pre-orders in ASAP to guarantee you get the model you want, and as always, happy railroading!
    -The BLI Team

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