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8970 Z74D Business Car, PRR 7507, "Pennsylvania", Late 1940's, HO Scale

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The Z74 series, Pennsy's mainstay business cars, features an intricate history marked by frequent reclassifications, renumberings, and name changes. These cars were used all over the PRR system and received several upgrades and modifications during their service life. 


Several of the Z74 cars had rolls in American history. For example, Car #7504 was used by President Eisenhower on October 25, 1956. Car #120 was used to carry the body of Robert F Kennedy from New York to Washington D.C in June 1968. Sold to Juniata Terminal Company in 1985, it rode at the rear of the final westbound Broadway Limited run on an all-PRR route in 1990. It also operated on the last eastbound Broadway Limited run in 1995. It's safe to say these cars were icons of the PRR system! 


These cars are perfect for Pennsylvania Modelers who are looking to add some style to their passenger trains.


In our first production run, we are offering these cars in their prototypical Pennsylvania paint schemes with car specific details and paint. We are making 6 different business cars ranging in eras from 1935 to 1965. In addition to the detailed interior, these cars will come with separately controllable lights for more prototypical operations. See the full list of details below for more information. 



·  Beautifully Detailed and Accurately Modeled

·  Precision Paint, Color, and Lettering Schemes

·  Many Separately Applied Details including Hand Rails and Antennae (where applicable)

·  Detailed Interiors including seats, mantel, cigarette trays, lounge and kitchen

·  Individually controlled lighting functions, such as interior, marker/tail lights etc. 

·  Properly Colored Interiors

·  Proper underbody detail per the prototype

·  Operating Sprung Diaphragms

·  Composition: ABS with ABS Chassis

·  Couplers: (2) Operating Kadee

·  Compatible Tracks: Code 83 and 100 Rail

·  Minimum Operating Radius: 18 in