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8088 New Haven I-5, #1409, McGinnis Fantasy Scheme, No-Sound / DCC-Ready, HO

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In 1937, the New Haven Railroad received ten 4-6-4 locomotives built by Baldwin. These were the last steam power the road would purchase, and they were certainly the most beautiful. They featured streamlined boilers that were gloss black with stainless steel stripes and trim (aluminum paint on the tenders). They were powered by large 80" Boxpok drivers that were ideal for the speedy Shoreline passenger trains that serviced New Haven and Boston. Many of these routes originated in, or continued to, New York via the New Haven's electrified western end. These locomotives hauled some of the most recognizable extra fare trains in railroading including the Merchants Limited, Senator and Yankee Clipper.

The I-5 Hudsons were originally delivered with al block lettering scheme. Later, a small script scheme was introduced, which was eventually replaced by a large script with a square lettering scheme. We are offering models decorated in all three paint schemes. We will also build two models in New Haven-themed fantasy paint schemes, and one model as a 100% painted brass model.

All of the models have hand-crafted brass boilers, cabs, and tender bodies, and die cast locomotive and tender chassis. In addition to the Paragon4 version, each model is available in our Stealth Series. These are No-Sound / DCC-Ready models that operate on DC out of the box, or a modeler can easily install their DCC decoder of choice. Out of the box, front and rear lights are directional, and other lights are always ON with track power. Note that some light functions may be missing depending on the aftermarket decoder the modeler installs.

Industry-leading Model Features:
  • Stealth Series - Model is DCC-Ready out of the box. No Sound.

  • Out of the box, front and rear lights are directional. Other lights are ON with track power.

  • Model comes with 8-ohm speaker installed for easy installation of DCC/Sound decoder.

  • Precision Drive Mechanism engineered for continuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation

  • 5-Pole Can Motor with skew wound armature

  • Handcrafted brass boiler, cab, and tender body, and heavy die cast chassis for increased tractive effort

  • Premium Caliber Painting with authentic paint schemes

  • Separately controllable headlight, numberboard lights, and cab light

  • Factory-installed engineer and fireman Figures

  • Many separately applied details such as handrails, grab irons, ladders, piping, cab glass, whistle, brass bell, and many others

  • Equipped with rubber traction tires for increased pulling power

  • Recommended Minimum Radius: 18 inches

Broadway Limited Imports is proud to reintroduce our Stealth Series.
Our Stealth Series provides customers with the ability to purchase highly detailed steam and diesel locomotives at a lower price. Stealth Series models are DCC-Ready with a standard MTC21 pin on the DC motherboard. For more information about Stealth Series models, please see our products page.