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7904 Southern Pacific 2-8-4 Berkshire, T1a #3501, 4-axle Tender, No-Sound / DCC-Ready, HO

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Broadway Limited Imports is proud to introduce our third Berkshire type steam locomotive - the Southern Pacific T1a 2-8-4.   

The Southern Pacific purchased 10 T1a Berkshires from the Boston & Maine in 1945, and they became SP numbers 3500-3509.  We are offering models of four fully decorated T1a's with both "Southern Pacific" and "Southern Pacific Lines" lettering on the tenders as appropriate.  The SP eventually made several major changes to these locomotives, including replacing the tenders and converting from Baker to Walschaerts valve gear.  Our model represents the locomotives as they ran from 1945 until at least 1947 with the B&M 4-axle tender, Baker valve gear, and a disk-type main driver.  Our models have die cast locomotive and tender bodies for maximum weight and tractive effort.  Plus appropriate SP-style numberboards and marker lights. 

Each of our Paragon4 Series models comes with our Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC sound system with synchronized puffing smoke and integral GoPack capacitors.  See below for a full list of model features.  

In addition to the Paragon4 Series models, each model is available in our Stealth Series.  These are No-Sound / DCC-Ready models that operate on DC out-of-the-box, or a modeler can easily install their DCC decoder of choice.  Out-of-the-box, front and rear lights are directional, and other lights are always illuminated with track power.  Note that some lighting may be absent depending on selected aftermarket decoder. 

Industry-leading Model Features:

  • Stealth Series - Model is DCC-Ready out of the box.   No Sound.
  • Out of the box, front and rear lights are directional.  Other lights are illuminated with track power.
  • Model comes with 8-ohm speaker already installed for easy installation of DCC/Sound decoder.
  • Precision Drive Mechanism engineered for continuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation.
  • 5-Pole Can Motor with Skew Wound Armature
  • Heavy Die Cast Boiler, Tender Body, and Chassis for Increased Tractive Effort
  • Premium Caliber Painting with Authentic Paint Scheme
  • Separately Controllable Headlight, Reverse Light, Cab Light, and Front Marker Lights
  • Factory-installed Engineer and Fireman Figures
  • Optional Piping Shroud (sometimes present above walkway near cab) will be included in box with model.
  • Prototypically Accurate Details for Each Road Number
  • Many Separately Applied Details such as Handrails, Ladders, Piping, Cab Glass, Whistle, Brass Bell, Markers, Numberboards, Air Tanks, and Many Others
  • Equipped with Rubber Traction Tires for Increased Pulling Power
  • Recommended Minimum Radius: 18 inches
  • Replacement non-traction tire drivers are available for purchase from our service department