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Article: NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Class D Shay, Blue Goose, and SD45

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Class D Shay, Blue Goose, and SD45

NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: Class D Shay, Blue Goose, and SD45

We at Broadway Limited Imports are extremely excited to announce three new projects coming your way in HO Scale. 

Shay locomotives were geared Steam locomotives that were designed and built by the Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio. They were a popular type of geared locomotive used primarily for logging and industrial applications during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Class D Shay locomotives were an improved version of the earlier Class C Shay locomotives, featuring several design enhancements.

Class D Shays had three cylinders and four trucks, and weight of 100 and 150 short tons. They were no more powerful than Class C, but had greater fuel and water capacity, resulting in improved adhesion.

The distinguishing feature of the Shay locomotives was their unique geared drivetrain, which allowed them to deliver high tractive effort and excellent pulling power on rough and steep terrain. This geared drive mechanism used a series of gears and drive shafts to transfer power from the steam engine to the wheels. The gears increased the torque available to the wheels, making them well-suited for hauling heavy loads and navigating challenging terrain.  These locomotives were particularly popular in the logging industry, where their ability to negotiate tight curves and steep gradients made them ideal for hauling heavy timber out of rugged and remote areas.  The Shay locomotives also found use in various other industries, such as mining, construction, and sugar plantations, where their reliability and power were valued.

They stand as a testament to the ingenuity and versatility of these remarkable steam locomotives that played a significant role in the industrial and transportation history of the United States.

In our first production run, we are offering several variations of the 150-ton Class D Shay locomotives.  We offer locomotives in multiple road names and paint schemes.  Each of our models will be available with our newest Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC sound system with smoke and integral GoPack capacitors.  Our models have die cast locomotive and tender bodies for maximum weight and tractive effort.  See below for additional model features including the full list of individually controllable lights.

In addition to Paragon4, the Shay's will be arriving in our Stealth series! You can find more information about the Stealth Shay here.

Below is a pre-production sample of the Shay. While the body of the locomotive is plastic, rest assured it will be cast in diecast metal when it is made at the factory and shipped to your dealer. You can find more information about this projects by clicking here.


Next, we are excited to announce a second run of the popular Brass-Hybrid Blue Goose in HO Scale! 

The ATSF 3460 class consisted of six "Super Hudson" 4-6-4 steam locomotives built by Baldwin in 1937.   One of those, #3460, was the Santa Fe's only streamlined locomotive.  It was painted in a unique light blue and silver paint scheme and gained the name "Blue Goose".   The Blue Goose was delivered to Shopton, Iowa in January 1938, and it pulled many of the Santa Fe's famed passenger trains until it was retired and scrapped in 1956.  

In our first production run of the Blue Goose, we are offering two models of the early locomotive as it appeared in 1938 and four models of the locomotive as it appeared between 1939 and retirement.  The only difference between the two 1938 models is the presence of the road number "3460" on the side of the tender.  Each of our four post-1938 model has a unique paint scheme, prototypically accurate for a specific time frame.  The most visible detail differences between the early and late Blue Goose versions are the removal of the full skirts and the addition of the scissor smokestack and associated equipment.   

All of the models have hand-crafted brass boilers, cabs, and tender bodies, and die cast locomotive and tender chassis.   Each model comes with our Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC sound system with synchronized puffing smoke and integral GoPack capacitors. In addition to the Paragon4 models, Stealth series locomotives will also be offered. 

For more information on the second run of our Blue Goose, you can visit here.



Finally, we are excited to announce a second run of the EMD SD45's in HO Scale. 

Built on the same frame as the SD40, SD38 and several other EMD staples, EMD produced 1,260 SD45s between Decembers 1965 and 1971.  These freight haulers sported EMD's 645E3 20-cylinder engine which had 3,600HP output.  EMD's SD45s served on the Burlington Northern, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Pennsylvania, Great Northern, UP, NP and many other railroads.  Today, locomotives are currently preserved at the GN Railway Historical Society, the St Louis Museum of Transportation, the Virginia Museum of Transportation, the Utah State Railroad Museum, the Illinois Railway Museum and the Lake Superior Railroad Museum. 

In our second production, we are modeling ten railroads with prototypically accurate road numbers and paint schemes.   Each model has our newest Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC control system featuring Rolling Thunder, and equipped with integral GoPack capacitor packs.  All of our models have road-specific details and lighting.

In addition to the Paragon4 version, each model is available in our Stealth Series.  These are No-Sound / DCC-Ready models that operate on DC out of the box, or a modeler can easily install their DCC decoder of choice.  Out of the box, Front and rear lights are directional, and other lights are always ON with track power.  Additionally some lighting functions may be missing depending on selected aftermarket decoder the modeler installs. 

To see more information on the 2nd run of our EMD SD45, you can check it out here. 


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