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Article: The Broadway Flyer: September 2023

The Broadway Flyer: September 2023

The Broadway Flyer: September 2023

     Fall is upon us! We hope you all had an enjoyable summer and were able to get out and enjoy the fun activities that come with the season. However, it's fall. Which means it's time to get back into your basement, garage or club and get to working on your layout or start adding to your collection! 


Order Deadlines: 

    We have a bunch of order deadlines in October. Contact your dealer today to guarantee you can get the paint scheme you want! To find the full list of paint schemes offered, click the link of each project. Keep in mind you can still order a model after the deadline, but the model you may want might be sold out. We highly recommend putting in a pre-order beforehand before we sell out. 

The following projects have order deadlines approaching: 



     We had two new products announced this month for those of you who model N scale.  We are excited to bring E7's, E8's and E9's to our N scale offerings. These locomotives feature brand new tooling and for the first time in Paragon4. We haven't made these locomotives in quite some time and we're excited to bring new features and sounds to them. 


     The order deadline for these locomotives is November 30th, 2023. Plus there are Stealth versions available too! 




As of right now this is the current status, of projects through the end of this year. You can always find the latest changes in our delivery date and status on our website, here 
We do have an update for those of you who have ordered a GS-4, we are going to be shipping the sold models by air from our factory and we are still scheduled for a November time frame to expect the delivery. 


     As we get closer to the end of the year, we expect to see samples of projects begin to arrive in the following months. The latest sample to come in that is a new project is our HO Scale GP35's. These diesels are arriving in both Paragon4 and Stealth. 

The other sample to come in is the HO Scale Brass-Hybrid Blue Goose. These locomotives are arriving in 2024 in both Paragon4 and Stealth.

     Our next collection of samples to show you this month are the Baldwin Sharknose locomotives in HO Scale. These locomotives are arriving in Paragon4 Sound/DCC and Stealth series too.

Finally, we have one more sample to show you, the black Southern Pacific GS-4's you have seen them in the Daylight scheme, but not this one yet. These locomotives are arriving in Paragon4 with Stealth models coming next year. 


Podcast appearances:

We've been making more appearances on different live streams and video podcasts this year! Both Ken Silvestri and Curtis Koch enjoy chatting trains with many of you! If you have a podcast or show you'd like to request one of them to come on, please email us at

TrainWorld Live Stream: 

Curtis Koch jumped on TrainWorld's Live stream a few weeks ago to discuss the newly announced all diecast metal SD70ACe coming in HO Scale and other projects coming your way.  You can click here to watch the live stream!

What's Neat This Week In Model Railroading: 

In episode 234, and episode 244 Ken Silvestri and Curtis Koch were on the "What's Neat This Week in Model Railroading" with Ken Patterson and his crew. They talked about new projects, future projects, and other aspects of the hobby. 


On our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages we asked for your questions! This could be about anything from our favorite railroads to current projects, to service questions. If your question didn't make this edition, don't worry! There's a great chance that it could be featured in an upcoming newsletter. Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a question.

Q: "I know it's too late for the most recent flyer - but would Broadway consider either making at least one GS-4 with a black 'Southern Pacific' lettered tender, or make a tender available for us to buy so we might make our own? Thanks!" - Bruce on Facebook

A: Thanks for the question Bruce! We are most likely going to offer this version in our second run of GS-4's next year. We haven't finalized all the road numbers yet, but any paint schemes that we don't feature in the first run of a project we usually include it in the second or 3rd run of a project. This applies to all projects in both HO and N scale, not just the GS-4's.

Q: "Do you guys plan to offer more paint schemes for the new E7, E8 & E9s?" - Jackson on Facebook

A: We have the paint schemes worked out for this first run of locomotives, but we haven't finalized the second run yet. Some schemes we are considering for the second run include Illinois Central, Rock Island, and others!

Q: "Would BLI consider making some Southern Pacific AC-9s in HO?" - Kalle on Facebook

A: We are looking into AC-9's! These have been heavily requested, along with a few other steam locomotives in both HO and N scale. We are always looking to add more unique steam to our offerings. AC-9's are a popular request, and we are exploring them as a possibility for the future.

Q: "What about an analog sound box that serves locomotives without sound?" - Jose on Facebook

A: Unfortunately, we don't have any plans for a sound box in the future. If you want sound from your locomotives, our Paragon4 models are the perfect fit! Not only are they amazingly detailed, but many of our models feature sounds from the prototype.

Q: "Do you guys accept new product suggestions?" - @TheHHistorian on Twitter

A: We are always open to product suggestions! While we can't guarantee that we will produce every suggestion, we welcome ideas from customers. You can leave a comment or send us a direct message on social media, or you can email us, and we'll do our best to get back to you.

Q: "For the Stealth series, what AUX Functions are for which lights for programming 3rd party decoders?" - rule281c on Instagram

A: Good question! I am not sure which scale you are asking about, however if you have any technical questions you can contact our service department, or you can visit our website. Our website has a "Support" tab where there are details for the Pin Outs in both HO and N and even some installation guide for installing your preferred 3rd party decoder. You can find that right here.

Q: "Hi, Which steam engines we could expect in the coming years for N scale, and is the NYC Niagara a part of it?" - Adam on Facebook

A: We have several highly requested steamers in design right now for N Scale! We can't say which ones they are yet, but we plan on announcing them very soon! 

Q: "Given that you have the mechanism already done, have you considered doing a modified PRR P-5A?" - Brian on Facebook

A: The P5a is not a project we want to undertake again. Mainly because of sales. For years following the success of our GG1's. Many customers asked us to make the P5a. We made them in both HO and N Scale and they did not sell well. We still have a lot of the P5a's in N Scale in stock. We haven't entirely given up on making electrics, but if we choose to make one, it wont be a run of P5a. 


     Wow! Thank you all for the amazing questions this month! Stay tuned to our social media pages for the latest information, and for when we will take your questions again. Also give us a follow on our social media accounts for the latest on projects, order deadlines and to be the first to hear of our new announcements. We are on FacebookTwitterInstagramTikTok and YouTube

     That does it for this edition of the Broadway Flyer! Thank you all so much for your continued support and we're excited for more exciting models to arrive on your layout soon.



Will bordway make passenger car’s for locomotives like the E7/F3A Texas special like how bordway made the gs4 passenger cars or was that a one time thing and because the
Locomotives are Exclusive it won’t happen.


With some of the Exclusive locomotives like the E7 Texas special will there be passengers cars for them or additional add on to the locomotive because there really isn’t any Texas special passengers cars for HO/N in the future.


Good to hear that you are doing E8’s in N-scale. How about Erie Lackawanna and Penn Central models in the next run of these E8’s ? Thanks !



Since you are open to suggestions, I have one! We Milwaukee Road modelers need a streamlined 4-6-4 “Baltic” class F7. There have not been any made (save for VERY expensive brass) since the old Rivarossi days. These sell for large sums an eBay, so I believe there is a big demand for this model. Would be great to have one in plastic or one of your hybrid models in the famous Hiawatha scheme. I have one if your Milwaukee S3 4-8-4 models numbered 261 and it sure could use a stable mate!

Thanks for reading,
Jerry Shepardson

Jerry Shepardson

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