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Article: The Broadway Flyer: October 2023

The Broadway Flyer: October 2023

The Broadway Flyer: October 2023

     Hey everyone! Curtis here from Broadway Limited Imports. For those who might be reading this for the first time or have not met me, I help manage our social media platforms and work with our marketing team. I'm also the one who writes these monthly newsletters for you all to get a glimpse of what we're working on. 

     October is over, and as we look towards the end of the calendar year and the upcoming holidays, we all look forward to spending more time working on our layouts or adding some new trains to our collections. For us here at BLI, we have a LOT of new products arriving between now and the end of 2023 that we're excited about.


 What's new at BLI? 

     Our artist has been hard at work on 3D Renderings of future projects. One of which, is the upcoming N scale USRA Pacific locomotives. We plan on using these renderings for future projects to give you a better glance at details and paint schemes that are coming out.

     As for these Pacific locomotives, these are planned to arrive next month! So if you haven't gotten your order in on your favorite paint scheme, now is the time! N Scalers have a choice of a Paragon4 or Stealth.  

     Let's talk about something that is in stores now. That being our Layout Lightning Storm! Our good friend Tony Cook from Model Railroad News and Model Train Resource made a quick unboxing video of what is included in our most recent release of the Layout Lightning Storm.

     This is perfect for any scale, and is operated separately from track power meaning you can use it for anything you can put your mind to. Again, these are in stores now so get yours just in time for Halloween.

Order Deadlines: 

    Two fun and innovative projects have order deadlines this month. Contact your dealer today to guarantee you can get the paint scheme you want! To find the full list of paint schemes offered, click the link of each project. Keep in mind you can still order a model after the deadline, but the model you may want might be sold out. We highly recommend putting in a pre-order beforehand before we sell out. 

The following projects have order deadlines approaching:


   As of right now this is the current status, of projects through February of 2024. You can always find the latest changes in our delivery date and status on our website, hereWe try and update this list once a month, sometimes more if multiple projects arrive to our headquarters. 



     We've received two samples this month! The HO scale Brass-Hybrid New Haven I-5 Hudson and two samples of the N Scale Reading T1. Please note that the side rods on the New Haven I5 are unpolished but when the model arrives, it will have the appropriate polished rods per the prototype. 

These beauties will be arriving in Paragon4 Sound/DCC and in our Stealth series. 

     Our N Scale Reading T1's are due to arrive, as we write this, in December! The perfect Christmas gift for the N Scaler in your life. We know you all have been waiting patiently for this model to come out. If you still want to get your order in and add one to your collection. Now is the time! We have multiple striking paint schemes in both Paragon4 and in our Stealth series. Plus did we mention the Paragon4 units have smoke?! 




     As we near the end of this months Broadway Flyer, we ask you, our amazing customers on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for your questions! We received a LOT of questions this month and we're sorry we couldn't answer everyone. You can always go back and check previous issues of The Broadway Flyer to see if your question was answered previously. Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a question, so without further ado, let's get started! 


Q: "Will you ever produce 0-6-0 or 0-8-0 switchers?" - Ben on Facebook

A: It's not in our plans right now, but it is an option of a locomotive we can do. The only hold back as it comes to these locomotives in both HO and N Scale is space for our smoke units. Especially in N Scale. 

Q: "Are you guys going to keep the Streamlined steam coming? I collect brass and a lot of streamliners were either made in small amounts making them expensive when they pop up or not at all. I’d love to see a CNW ES 4-6-2 or better yet a Hiawatha steamer. I have the BLI blue goose and New Haven i5 and I love them dearly." 

A: We have many ideas for different streamlined locomotives, the success of the Blue Goose and I-5 Hudson are examples of some really amazing streamlined models that we can make that customers love. So yes, more streamlined steam is coming! Nothing to announce yet, but we are working on it. 

Q: "Can we expect more sd45 and sd40-2 runs in the future with new roads?" Tom on Facebook

A: We have a second run of SD45's in the works now with many new paint schemes. You can find the full list of Paragon4 locomotives here.

Q: "What’s the next n scale steamer in the works after the T1?" - Freddy on Facebook

A: Right now the we have the N scale Union Pacific Late Challenger and PRR M1a/M1b in the works. These locomotives will come with smoke, prototypical sounds, and several different paint schemes. They also will be arriving in Paragon4 Sound/DCC and in our Stealth series. The locomotives will be incredible pullers! Besides those two, we also have 6 locomotives in design right now. One of which is the Union Pacific FEF's and AT&SF 3751 Northerns. No timetable yet for an announcement or any additional details yet. We also have the USRA Pacific's coming out soon in N scale in both Paragon4 and Stealth.

Q: "Do you plan to make more N scale steam Locomotives in the future?" - Jonathan on Facebook

A: We do! However we want to make sure that the ones we do sell well. We are currently designing 6 other steam locomotives for N Scale that have been previously released in HO scale. 

Q: "Would it be possible to see the Santa Fe 3751 and D&H Shark nose as possible N scale models in the future?" - ethane12009 on Instagram

A: as we mentioned above, 3751 is also being designed for N Scale. Just like the FEF's, no timetable yet for an announcement or any additional details yet. As for the Sharknose locomotives we aren't sure about what our next new diesel to design is yet, it could be the Sharknose but we haven't pinned down a specific one yet.

Q: "Will there be a re-release of the N&W Auxiliary Water Tenders?" - cawleyphotography on Instagram

A: At this time we do not have plans for those tenders however we are working on some other rolling stock options in both HO and N Scale. 

Q: "Do you have any plans on making more passenger cars in the future?" - Cody on Facebook

A: Yes we do! Currently we have 4 different passenger car projects being designed right now and we hope to announce a few of those soon. As we explained back in the August issue of The Broadway Flyer the tooling costs is just simply too expensive to redo an entire set. We are always brainstorming new ideas for rolling stock. 

Q: "Can an N scale Paragon 2, diesel or steam, be upgraded to a Paragon 4? Also, can decoders be purchased as replacements without sending the engines to you? Cost?" -ez420budz on Instagram

A: Good question! We Unfortunately our service department does not have a program for upgrading Paragon2 locomotives to Paragon4. Your only option would be to check with  Train Service Depot. Train Service Depot is authorized by BLI to do electrical repair work and upgrades. Their rates and what they will accept or not accept for repairs/upgrades depends on their discretion.


     Thanks again to everyone who writes in questions and reads these every month! We hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays with your families, and your trains! We share the latest information on projects on our social media accounts. We are on FacebookTwitterInstagramTikTok and YouTube. As always, we appreciate your continued support and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and enjoy Halloween. Until next month, happy railroading!

-The BLI team


Is one of your other locomotives migrating from HO to N the ATSF 870? If so, will it have a pre-rebuild version? Will there be an undecorated version to enable the SLRMP and RMSF markings in addition to the ATSF markings? My layout wants 1 SLRMP, 2 RMSF and at least 2 ATSF.

Lawrence Crowl

Will you be providing a version of the 3751 before the rebuild? I expect the mechanism to be the same, but different shells, or at least different tenders, would be great. My layout wants two of each.

Lawrence Crowl

I would greatly appreciate an N scale Santa Fe 3751 with good detail that runs well.
I am 80, so don’t wait too long.

Craig Barrow

Concerning 0-6-0 or 0-8-0 switchers. I understand the problem with putting smoke generators in them, but I’d much rather have an 0-6-0 without smoke than not have one at all. Incidentally, I’m no fan of smoking engines anyway, as it’s usually much too thin to look real.

Morton S Mayer

I am hoping that you folks will re-release an E series (both a & b units) in Illinois Central chocolate and orange. Any plans for the cities (New Orleans and Miami)?



Will BLI consider making the E44 PRR electric engine? There was to my knowledge only Alco Brass made a run in the late 1970’s. I think it would be a successful model based from E33 and GG1 sales. What do you think?

Tom Coyne

Can I pre-order a Boston & Maine T1b #7887 2-8-4. Also the B& M and Maine central had coffin style 2-10-2’s will BLI consider making that model in HO?

Tom Coyne

Are you guys going to make the ACL R1 4-8-4? I model the ACL and nobody makes the ACL R1 except overland and their model of the R1 is full of problems and is 800 dollars and rarely pop up.


Will broadway make any other types of aux tenders? It doesnt necessarily have to be an N&W but perhaps a Southern Pacific 4449 aux or UP aux tenders would be great to have!

Michael Kogut

Wonderful October Broadway flyer

Cameron Parks

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