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Article: The Broadway Flyer: February 2024

The Broadway Flyer: February 2024

The Broadway Flyer: February 2024

     Happy March everyone! Hard to believe we are in March already! We have a lot to get to in this edition of the Flyer. We received hundreds of questions from you all on social media so we will get some of those. We also have several new products that are arriving to hobby shops now, plus we'll share some teasers into some new projects coming in HO Scale. 

     But first, a big shoutout to those of you who stopped by our booth at the World's Greatest Hobby Show in Indianapolis, Indiana! I enjoyed meeting you all and it was great to talk to you about future projects, some new products, and get inspiration for future projects. Ken Silvestri and I look forward to seeing those of you in the Cleveland area later in March. 

New Product Announcements:

     February didn't bring any new product announcements but we are excited for 3 product announcements this month. This includes a newly tooled steam locomotive and new road names coming to two HO scale diesels we've recently released. Some of those road names have been heavily requested so we are excited to offer them to you. 

Products in stores now!

     We've got a lot of new HO and N scale items that are in stores now. For those of you N scalers waiting on those Reading T1's. They left the port of Los Angeles for distributors on February 19th and should be arriving to your hobby shops in the next day or so. Some of you might have already received yours by now depending upon who you ordered from. Below is a list of the newest items you can get your hands on.

What's new at BLI?

     We are well underway into 2024, and with spring approaching, we've been hard at work getting new announcements scheduled. This month, we didn't have any new product announcements. As I mentioned earlier, in March, we have 3 HO scale locomotive announcements, and a HO scale rolling stock announcement planned. This includes a brand new steam locomotive that we've never offered before. N scalers, don't worry! We are working on getting new N scale locomotives designed right now and we look forward to announcing those very soon.

     We are also very encouraged by the reception we've received from many of you who loved the CAD drawings of our soon-to-be-announced HO Scale UP Business Cars. We are just about 95% done with the designs. We are going through one last check and we hope to plan an announcement of these soon. These cars will not be announced this month but we are hoping in the next 1-2 months (maybe sooner), we will have an official announcement for you to get your orders in.

     Assuming the sales of those cars exceed our expectations, it will be a sign to add more possibilities for future business cars from other railroads or other cars from UP's excursion fleet, such as tool cars and power cars. By purchasing one of the cars, you are making your voice heard that you'd want more! 
     One more thing we can share, the locomotive that we are going to use as our first Conductor's Club locomotive has been decided! We will announce this locomotive and members exclusive price in May. If you haven't joined the Conductor's Club yet, we encourage you to do so! For $29.99 a year, you get: 
  • Exclusive HO and N Scale locomotive offering
  • Quarterly newsletter providing in depth details of upcoming projects
  • Additional 10% discount on the BLI Outlet store
  • Members only merchandise, giveaway items, and artwork
  • Additional 1 year warranty on new BLI products purchased in 2024
  • Member only gatherings w/ BLI staff
  • VIP product suggestion portal - You let us know what you want us to make! 
     We are still in the process of creating web pages for all of this so while it is a slow launch, if you sign up today you would immediately get your discount and warranty applied on any new products released/purchased in 2024. All you have to do is register your model with us and include your membership number and you will get that extra year. 

Samples and Renderings:

We've made a lot of progress on tooling of certain products, plus some samples!

(PHOTOS: These renderings of our upcoming Union Pacific Late Challengers in N Scale. These locomotives will have smoke and are available in both Paragon4 and Stealth models.)

(PHOTO: These are the first samples of our diecast metal SD70ACe's. Some parts on these locomotives are brass such as handrails, sunshades, and horn castings, a few parts are plastic and that is to make sure they have road specific details to match the prototype.)


     As of right now this is the current status, of projects through the Spring of 2024. You can always find the latest changes in our delivery date and status on our website, here.


This month, on Facebook and Instagram, we asked for your questions. We got a LOT of them. We're going to answer a lot of them, starting right now!
Q: "Do you guys have plans to make Russian Decapods like No.1630?" - Nick on Facebook
A: We don't have plans for them right now but it could be a possibility in the future.

Q: "I would love to see or hear a update on the HO PRR S1. I know it's talked about a lot, but it is one of my most anticipated models." - Alex on Facebook
A:The PRR S1 is currently 'going back to the drawing board.' This has easily been one of the most asked-about and requested models, but given the locomotive's prototype history, it presents challenges. I would say the biggest challenge is the radius within which we can get the locomotive to run. We want those who would buy one to be able to enjoy it, and given the locomotive's design, just like the prototype, it would only be able to run on certain stretches of track. We are actively working with our designers to find ways to make it work, but we recently decided to try and figure out a way to make it navigate slightly tighter turns. However, as of right now, it's being completely redesigned.

Q: "Is there an On and Off smoke switch on the new HO Scale GS-4s?" - Don on Facebook
A: The smoke switch is located under the hatch on top of the locomotive. See photo below for location. 
Q: "Why not a new N Scale Diesel like an SD70ACu or a Wabtec conversation? So many paint schemes available. SD70ACe's are so overdone. Thank you for asking for input." - Jeff on Facebook
A: Thanks for asking Jeff! We do have 3 diesels we are looking to bring to N scale. We are currently working on Sharknoses, GP30's and GP35's for N scale. Usually before we bring a new product to N scale we like to see how it does with HO first. We can certainly add SD70ACu's to our list of future models to look into producing! 

Q: "Any plans for another run of Reading T-1s in HO? Any plans for Reading equipment, period?" - Andrew on Facebook
A: No plans at this time for Reading T1's in HO scale, but we do have more plans for Reading equipment! Stay tuned for that! 

Q: "Any near future plans for bringing more PRR steam prototypes to N scale? I1s decapod is the top of my list, but H, J, and L classes would also be more than welcome." - Angela on Facebook
A: Besides the PRR T1 and M1a//M1b, we do have more Pennsy steam in the works for N scale. We can't share what just yet as we are still gathering data packages for the locomotives. 

Q: "For steam, would a Van Swerigen Berkshire be considered for Paragon along with either an L&N M-1 2-8-4 or a Southern Ps-4 for Brass-Hybrid? For diesel, would a retooling of the AC6000CW in diecast sound likely in the future?" - Grant on Facebook
A: We have the Van Swerigen Berks on our radar. Those would likely be considered in the next few years. The L&N M-1's are on our list of ideas but we don't have any design plans for them at this time. Same with the Southern Ps-4's. As for the AC6000CW's, we are thinking about retooling them but no plans for either diecast or plastic. Before we consider other diesels in diecast, we want to see what the overall reaction is from customers once they come out. Based on early reactions from customers who saw the diecast SD70ACe's at some of the Train Shows and online, we think there could be potential for future locomotives to be included. 

Q: "I keep hearing rumors that you will be producing an SP AC-9 in HO; can you confirm or deny? Oil (please) or coal fired? Brass hybrid? Thank you." - Wayne on Facebook
A: Thanks Wayne! Yes we are working on an SP AC-9 in HO. Like a few other steam locomotives we are working on gathering data packages so we can hand it over to designers. No determination yet as a Brass Hybrid or as a diecast model just yet, but yes we can confirm we are working on it! 

Q: "There is potential to convert the upcoming UP business cars into other sought after business cars of other railroads. Would you consider doing an undecorated version or even some fantasy schemes?" - John on Facebook
A: We haven't determined any fantasy schemes or undecorated schemes yet, but we are opening the door to more business cars in the future, assuming the sales of these cars exceed our expectations. If they do, we would be more than willing to do more road specific cars for the class 1 railroads and some of the fallen flag roads. 

Q: "Any plans for a small HO steam switcher like an 0-6-0 or 0-8-0, also are there any plans for another run of the HO USRA Mikados and Pacifics" - Steven on Facebook
A: We do have plans for small steam in HO! Stay tuned for that! At this time, no new runs are scheduled for the USRA Mikados or Pacifics. 

Q: "PRR T1 #5550 comes to mind. Will the be a colab with the trust to make a version of the T1 with the B2 rotary cam for 5550 at some point? It would be a great marketing colab for you and the trust!" - Joseph on Facebook
A: We don't have plans for the T1's at this time since we just did them in N scale and we would have to retool them for HO scale. We are focused on new locomotives we haven't offered before in HO. When the time comes we would love to collaborate with the group of 5550! We are always open to collaborations when it comes to our locomotives. We have collaborated with many other restoration groups before, for example, our next run of GP35's will include Conway Scenic 216, the locomotive we recorded the sounds from for our GP35. We are currently discussing plans to work with the group that restored and runs Santa Fe 2926 in New Mexico.

Q: "When are you guys going to be making the heritage units csx has in n scale?" - James on Facebook
A: We are starting off with the B&O heritage unit for now because at the time of finalizing the paint schemes, the B&O unit was announced. In future runs we are going to include more heritage schemes. 

Q: "Any plans to do the Union Pacific Power Cars and the Lynn Nystrom Railcar?" - Benjamin on Facebook
A: If the UP Business Cars we are working on, sell well, we will definitely look into it! 

Q: "What's the most unusual locomotive BLI would like to produce if there was a reasonable market demand to justify it?" - misfitrailsystem on Instagram
A: Good question! I think we would like to do more electric locomotives if the market had a high enough demand. Trolley cars or street cars would be a fun challenge. We've made electrics in the past and it seems besides GG1's, electrics just aren't popular we still have several PRR P5a's in stock that many N scalers asked us to make and they just didn't sell.

Q: "Will the general public also be able to see fantasy paint schemes that are being offered to the club?" - mchone14 on Instagram
A: Yes the general public will be able to see the fantasy schemes or exclusive models we are making but in order to place an order you must be a Conductor's Club member. You cannot purchase these through your dealers. We plan to announce the first locomotive in May with expected delivery in the Winter 2024. 

Q: "Would you guys be open to making more articulateds in the future? maybe the B&O EM-1's or the C&O Alleghenies?" - trainmaster_2004 on Instagram
A: We're open to it! No plans right now, but we have the Alleghenies down as something we want to make. Those would be one of our next HO scale articulated locomotives we want to pursue. 
Wow! Thank you all for the amazing questions! We hope you guys had a great month and we can't wait to see you guys at future shows. Thanks for taking the time to write in and for reading all of this!
Happy Railroading!
-The BLI Team


Still hoping for a C&O H7. Beautiful locomotive that no one has made in HO except for a handful of brass models.

Paul Tackowiak

If you do an Allegheny would you also consider doing the VGN Ry. Version?

John munsom

Any chance you could do DD-35A & B

Paul Sutherland

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