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Article: Last Call: Don't Miss Out on These 4 Exciting Projects!

Last Call: Don't Miss Out on These 4 Exciting Projects!

Last Call: Don't Miss Out on These 4 Exciting Projects!

June 15th, and 22nd are big order deadlines coming up for both HO and N Scale modelers! We have several products that are sure to look great on your model railroad. 


Our first product that has an upcoming deadline is the Brass-Hybrid New Haven I-5 in HO Scale. 

These Hudson-type locomotives were the last steam-powered trains the New Haven purchased, and they were undoubtedly the most beautiful. They featured streamlined boilers, which were gloss black with stainless steel stripes and trim (aluminum paint on the tenders). They were equipped with large 80" Boxpok drivers, ideal for the speedy Shoreline passenger trains that served New Haven and Boston. Many of these routes originated or continued to New York via the New Haven's electrified western end. These locomotives pulled some of the most iconic extra fare trains in railroading, including the Merchants Limited, Senator, and Yankee Clipper.
The I-5 Hudsons were originally delivered with a block lettering scheme. Later, a small script scheme was introduced, which was eventually replaced by a large script with a square lettering scheme. We offer models decorated in all three paint schemes, as well as two New Haven-themed fantasy paint schemes, and one model as a 100% painted brass model.
All the models feature hand-crafted brass boilers, cabs, and tender bodies, along with die-cast locomotive and tender chassis. Each model comes with our Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC sound system, featuring synchronized puffing smoke and integral GoPack capacitors.
In addition to the Paragon4 version, each model is available in our Stealth Series. These are No-Sound / DCC-Ready models that operate on DC out of the box, or a modeler can easily install their DCC decoder of choice. Out of the box, the front and rear lights have directional functionality, and other lights are always on with track power. Note that some light functions may be missing depending on the aftermarket decoder the modeler installs.
These locomotives are perfect for adding to your roundhouse and leading the fastest passenger trains on your railroad. Order yours from your dealer today! The order deadline is June 22nd.
The first of two N Scale locomotives with the June 22nd order deadline is the EMD SD40-2. 

Introduced by EMD in January 1972, the SD40-2 is one of the most popular diesel locomotives of all time. Between 1972 and 1989, EMD built nearly 4,000 units. These 3,000 horsepower machines were found to be more reliable than higher horsepower locomotives, and the SD40-2 became the standard of the industry for several decades.

The SD40-2 shares a common frame with the SD38-2 and the SD45-2. The frame was lengthened to accommodate the new HT-C trucks, which were 1.5 feet longer than the Flexicoil truck found on the SD40's. With a longer frame, but similar sized long hoods, the SD40-2's have distinctive "porches" on either end. These empty areas are good spotting features for SD38-2 and SD40-2 locomotives. The SD40-2 can be further distinguished from the SD38-2 by its three roof-mounted radiator fans and a single large exhaust stack.

There are several variations of SD40-2 in service. In our 2023 production, we are modeling the original standard SD40-2. We are offering models in eleven prototypical paint schemes. Each model is equipped with our Paragon4 DC/DCC Sound & Control System. In addition to the Paragon4 series models, we also offer one road number in each paint scheme in our Stealth Series - these models are No-Sound / DCC-Ready.  In addition to the Paragon4 series models, we also offer one road number in each paint scheme in our Stealth Series - these models are No-Sound / DCC-Ready. 
To get your order in for your SD40-2, contact your dealer today! June 15th is the order deadline for the SD40-2s.

You asked for them, and we listened! The USRA N Scale Pacifics are back! 

This year, we are building our third production run of USRA Heavy and Light Pacifics. There were 20 original Heavy Pacifics built in 1919 for the USRA program, and all 20 went to Erie Railroad. From 1923, numerous copies were built, and many railroads operated similar locomotives. There were 81 original Light Pacifics built in 1919, and these were delivered to ACL, B&O, GTW, M&O (GM&O), and L&N. Subsequently, each of these railroads built copies, and several other railroads operated locomotives with similar dimensions and equipment. The Light Pacifics were limited to 54,000 lbs load per axle, versus 60,000 for the Heavy Pacifics, and this allowed the Light Pacifics to run on most main lines.

Our Heavy and Light models follow the original USRA designs closely. Railroad specific variations are not modeled on these locomotives. Many Pacifics used the same 10,000 gallon tender as the USRA Mikados, and our models uses this 10,000 gallon tender. In addition to some of the prototypical USRA Pacifics, we are also decorating our USRA prototype in attractive paint schemes that similar Pacifics wore for other railroads, as well as a few striking fantasy paint schemes. Our models are available in our Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC Series, or in our Stealth Series as No-Sound / DCC-Ready models.
The order deadline for these locomotives is June 22nd. To get your order in for your Pacific, contact your dealer today! 
It's not always a sunny day on the railroad. The order deadline for Layout Lightning Storm is coming up on June 22nd! Contact your dealer and get your order in today!
Layout Lightning Storm is a revolutionary lighting solution designed to electrify your model railroad experience like never before. With its powerful LED technology, Layout Lightning Storm brings your layout to life with dazzling flashes and realistic lightning effects. Imagine the thrill of witnessing a thunderstorm sweep across your miniature world, complete with flickering lights and rumbling thunder sounds. Whether you're a seasoned model railroader or just starting your journey, Layout Lightning Storm will add a dynamic and immersive element to your layout, captivating viewers and enhancing the overall ambiance.
This product is great for all scales of model railroading and adds a unique interactive experience to your layout that guests can enjoy. To get your order in for your Layout Lightning Storm, contact your dealer today! The order deadline is June 22nd.
To see this product in action, Ken made a video about it during the first run several years ago. You can watch that here:

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Would like to have these pacifics done in HO again. Especially the ttg/y UP units and Christmas locomotives (girlfriend wants them).

Taylor Gaines

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