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Article: The Broadway Flyer: July 2023

The Broadway Flyer: July 2023

The Broadway Flyer: July 2023

Hello Broadway Limited customers and railfans! 

Welcome to the first installment of The Broadway Flyer! We are going to be releasing a monthly newsletter that'll feature updates on projects, showcasing new photos of samples, a list of order deadlines that month, new project announcements, and more!  


So let's get started! 



It's an exciting time here at BLI! We have a lot of projects in the works, many of which we haven't announced yet but are working hard on getting to the next step. In case you missed it, this month we announced 5 new locomotives in both HO and N scale. They are: 


All of the locomotives will come in Paragon4 and Stealth. 


Project updates: 

Below is an update on some projects through the end of 2023, we know some of you have been waiting patiently for some models to come in, unfortunately the factory had a setback and we had to push these back. We know it's frustrating for you, be it is just as frustrating for us too. As of right now this is the current status, of projects through the end of this year. 


 You can always find the latest changes in our delivery date and status on our website, here. 



Production Samples: 

Take a look at the latest pre-production samples that have come through the office! 

PHOTOS: The SP GS-4's in HO Scale are scheduled to come arrive this September. We have these beautiful steamers in Paragon4 with our Stealth variant arriving in 2024. 

PHOTOS: Our HO Scale GP30 is scheduled to arrive in October. Check out the many different road names we are offering, here. Plus don't forget we are offering these in Stealth!


PHOTOS: This pre-production sample of our N Scale Union Pacific Late Challengers. There are some notable errors. This includes the number boards written for 4014 and some minor bent parts. The number boards in particular are parts from a Big Boy that the factory used. These will be corrected and have appropriate numbers in the next sample. This sample will be tested for functionality, and all revisions will be noted to our factory. For more information on our Paragon4 offerings, click here. For more information on our Stealth offerings, click here. 


We also posted some video of it on our social media accounts and our YouTube Channel. Make sure you follow us on all social media platforms so you can see the latest news, project announcements and updates from us. We are on FacebookTwitterInstagramTikTok and YouTube 




Here are the approaching order deadlines for August and September. Contact your dealer today to guarantee you can get the paint scheme you want! To find the full list of paint schemes offered, click the link of each project.



Customer Q&A:

On our  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages we asked for your questions! Whether you have inquiries about parts, services, ongoing projects, or simply fun questions like what our favorite railroad is, we want to hear them all! While we may not be able to respond to every question in the first edition, don't worry! There's a great chance that it could be featured in an upcoming newsletter. Stay tuned and keep those questions coming!

Q: "When do you expect a prototype of the Class D Shay? Can't wait to see one. Already have it on pre order." - Derek on Facebook

A: We have one sample in so far. Below is a pre-production sample of the Shay. While the body of the locomotive is 3D-printed, rest assured it will be cast in diecast metal when it is made at the factory and shipped to your dealer. 

Q: Cannot wait to see like a mini magazine where you interact with the audience! Any plans on a Brass-Hybrid of a PRR Q1 4-6-4-4 Duplex? It would definitely be a PRR model of the modern ages. - Joseph on Facebook

A: Thanks Joseph! We're excited about this too! It gives us another outlet to interact with our customers! Pennsy fans have been asking for Q1's and S1's for a while. It is certainly a possibility for a future project! We usually hold off on making a Brass-Hybrid or Diecast tooling decision until we get an idea of tooling costs. In some cases (like the PRR Q2 coming soon) it is more cost effective for us to make the locomotive in the Brass-Hybrid series instead of diecast. Nonetheless the locomotive is on our radar but not in our immediate plans.

Q: Smoke units in smaller scale engines? 2-8-2 and 4-6-2? - adventures_with_nikolai on Instagram

A: Another good question! Putting a smoke unit in N Scale steamers varies upon the space in the boiler to fit the unit plus the electronics. Part of the reason we haven't been putting smoke in the Mikado's and Pacific's is because of that lack of space. We wish we could! We've heard from a lot of N Scalers on how much they love the smoke, so we are always looking to put into as many projects as we can, it's just a matter of space. 

Q: Will you guys be doing late UP Challengers within the next 5 years? With 3985 in the works, people are likely to want 3985 much like when 4014 came back and went on tour. - swindellsteamworks on Instagram

A: We've gotten this a lot since the 
N Scale Late Challenger was announced. At this time we don't have plans to bring the Challengers to HO Scale in the next year or two, but like the Q1, it's definitely on our radar. If we were to do them again, it would be new tooling, new sounds, and would have multiple variations and road numbers. However things change and it might move up our list to sooner rather than later.

That does it for this first edition of the Broadway Flyer! Thank you so much for your continued support and we're excited for more exciting models to arrive on your layout soon.


Well done

Daniel Kimpton

Please look into making certain you provide matching warm white lighting on this run of GS-4s. The first run had wharm white headlight and mars light and cold (blue) white tender light. Steam locomotives did not have cold white headlights… Thanks.

Richard Shulby

Can we ever expect a SP Cab Forward in. N scale ?

Andrew Powell

Will your Rolling Thunder “N” sound system work with my Paragon 4 equipped steam and diesel locomotives?

Donovan Proft

N scaler here.
Any possibility of developing an N scale steam switching loco?
0-4-0 or 0-6-0 with a tender?

William H Velchoff

This was a very good idea!

William J Metzger

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