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Replacement Daylight Sprung Rubber Diaphragm for Obs Car, HO w/ mounting screws (Silver and Gray versions available)

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For customers who purchased HO SP Daylight Obs Cars:

1941 Versions: stk#'s 685 & 695
1953 Versions: stk#'s 1575 & 1585

Operating Sprung Rubber Diaphragms are now available!

Sprung rubber diaphragms for SP Daylight Observation Cars that shipped
without operating diaphragms are now available.

For customers who purchased stk#'s:

1941 Versions:

stk# 685


1953 Versions:



*** PLEASE NOTE: These diaphragms are available free of charge WITH proof of
purchase of valid stk# items only. Limit one diaphragm per unit purchased. Proof of purchase must
be presented upon request.***