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3189 ARA 70-ton 4-Bay Hopper, B&M, 6-pack A, N Scale

SKU: 3189
Sale price$139.99
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The ARA/AAR 70-ton Quad Hopper was a ubiquitous tool used by a variety of railroads. Primarily used for hauling coal loads, nearly 12,000 hoppers were built and delivered between 1926 and 1930.

These handsomely crafted and highly detailed models are available in distinctly numbered 6-packs. This run features A, B, and C (in some cases) packs - meaning if you purchase all three packs, you will have 18 distinctly numbered cars for a long string of coal haulers.

Realistic removable coal loads and detailed bay interiors make for versatile use in any scenario. These quad hoppers will be built to order, so dont miss out. Preorder with your dealer today.

Industry-Leading Features:
 Beautifully Detailed and Accurately Modeled
Precision Paint, Color, and Lettering Schemes
Many Separately Applied Details
Detailed Bay Interiors
Realistic Removable Coal Loads
Composition: ABS
Couplers: (2) Operating MicroTrains #1015 or Compatible
Compatible Tracks: Code 55, 70, 83, & 100 Rail
Minimum Operating Radius: 9.75 in
3189 ARA 70-ton 4-Bay Hopper, B&M, 6-pack A, N Scale
3189 ARA 70-ton 4-Bay Hopper, B&M, 6-pack A, N Scale Sale price$139.99